New Recycling Facility in Forest Park

The CRI/USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling Company has recently opened a new recycling facility in Forest Park and has agreed to implement an electric recycling program for the Greater Forest Park area. This is a great opportunity for community members of Forest Park, and its surrounding communities, to drop off all different types of spent

USA Lamp Receives A Bronze Recognition

Bronze Recognition for USA Lamp & Ballast from Ohio EPA!Just last week the Ohio EPA awarded USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling with the Bronze Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Award. USA Lamp was recognized for improving processes that reduce negative impacts felt by the environment. The addition of new state of the art recycling equipment allows for

Better Lighting: Should You Use Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) or LEDs?

Just when you thought Compact Fluorescent Bulbs were here to stay, many people are finding that LED lights actually provide much better light than their CFL counterparts, although for a slightly higher pricetag. With 100 watt and above incandescent bulbs being phased out by government regulation, families and businesses are looking for options to replace

Responsible Electronics Recycling Act

USA Lamp & Ballast is excited about the new report The Coalition for American Electronics Recycling(CAER) has produced, showing support for the newly introduced Responsible Electronics Recycling Act(RERA). CAER's newly published findings show strong evidence that the passing of the RERA would create a large increase in domestic job creation. USA Lamp looks forward to