Bronze Recognition for USA Lamp & Ballast from Ohio EPA!

Just last week the Ohio EPA awarded USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling with the Bronze¬†Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Award. USA Lamp was recognized for improving processes that reduce negative impacts felt by the environment. The addition of new state of the art recycling equipment allows for USA Lamp to increase recovery rate of materials, making product shredding a more efficient one. This¬†reflects USA Lamp’s constant dedication to keep improving it’s facilities and their processes; not only to become more efficient, but to also keep increasing the positive impact it is making in our community’s environment. USA Lamp looks forward to continuing its improvement efforts, which will allow for future benefits and impact for the environment.

The E3 program at Ohio EPA recognizes organizations committed to environmental excellence at all levels; it is open to a wide variety of participants. The program targets those who reduce waste, improve efficiency and work to continuously improve as an environmental steward.

To learn more about the EPA Bronze Award and the E3 Program, click here!