USA Lamp & Ballast is excited about the new report The Coalition for American Electronics Recycling(CAER) has produced, showing support for the newly introduced Responsible Electronics Recycling Act(RERA). CAER’s newly published findings show strong evidence that the passing of the RERA would create a large increase in domestic job creation. USA Lamp looks forward to the passing of this Act, which would require domestic recycling from corporations across the country. CAER has projected that with the passing of the Act, it may create up to 42,000 jobs with a projected payroll of up to $1 Billion.

“CAER supports the export of tested, working electronics and recycled commodities around the world,
which encourages economic development and job growth in the U.S. and contributes to our domestic
economy,” said Bob Houghton of the CAER steering committee. “Developing nations can still get
access to valuable, clean commodities, without absorbing the hazardous materials they had no part in

Get the inside scoop with the Coalition For American Electronics Recycling PDF.

Click here to read more about CAER’s push for the RERA to pass by following this link to their recent press release.