Just when you thought Compact Fluorescent Bulbs were here to stay, many people are finding that LED lights actually provide much better light than their CFL counterparts, although for a slightly higher pricetag. With 100 watt and above incandescent bulbs being phased out by government regulation, families and businesses are looking for options to replace the lighting in their buildings and homes — and most are choosing CFL.

Recent studies conducted over the last few years regarding bulb type usage shows that 90% of Americans are switching to CFLs over LEDs, but not because of quality — more likely it’s familiarity. Although we should be used to LEDs in our everyday lives — they’re in our flat-screen TVs, alarm clocks, flashlights and phones — many aren’t even aware of the option of using LEDs for standard lighting setups.

Expect the inequality in bulb use to normalize in the coming years, as cost continues to shrink dramatically year after year. An LED to replace a 65-watt recessed-can light (i.e. the standard light fixture) cost up to $90 only five years ago. Now you can get the same light for as low as $15. Just a few years ago you actually had to purchase a retrofitting kit to even insert the bulb into your socket, but bulbs are now coming pre-configured for existing light sockets.

LEDs are more than 10 percent more efficient than CFLs, so eventually choosing LED lights for your home or business will actually pay for itself in due time. LEDs are also sturdier and less likely the break — a [problem synonymous with CFLs. Finally, they give off significantly less heat than any other type of bulb.

Regardless of which bulb you choose, we’re just happy you’re choosing to make the planet a cleaner place.