4 Reasons Why Confidential Data Destruction Is Good for Business

Businesses have access to more data than ever. It’s possible to track payment information, when a customer visited a location, and how they respond to marketing messages.

This data is great for making strategic decisions. There’s also a big responsibility to manage and properly dispose of sensitive data. You don’t want to just throw documents and equipment away.

Confidential data destruction is a way to dispose of sensitive documents and equipment that can prevent theft among other things. Read on to learn 5 reasons why your business needs to use confidential data destruction.

1. Industry Compliance

The healthcare and financial sectors are frequent targets of hackers and data breaches. That’s why these industries are bound to protect data privacy by complying with regulations such as HIPPA.

Retailers need to comply with PCI DSS standards in order to protect payment information.

Working with a certified data disposal company ensures that your business complies with these strict regulations.

2. Prevent ID Theft

It’s good business to be concerned about your customers. They’re increasingly concerned about ID theft and rightly so.

Reported ID theft cases rose sharply in 2018, to 444,000 cases. This is a 16% increase from reported cases in 2017.

You can show your customers that you’re taking the appropriate steps to protect their privacy and safety. When you demonstrate that you are invested in protecting their private data, you are taking steps to build a strong relationship with customers that is based on trust.

3. It’s Good for the Environment

There are human and environmental costs when you improperly dispose of technology. Toxins from these devices can creep into groundwater, creating a health and environmental hazard.

Consumers are much more aware of climate change and are placing more demands on companies to be environmentally sustainable. Not only that, but they’re willing to pay more to support companies that show they care about the environment.

Confidential data destruction is more than destroying data to protect your customers. It’s about disposing of technology and equipment in an environmentally responsible way.

4. Protect Your Brand

Your company has invested a lot of resources to build a strong and reliable brand. All it takes is one data breach or security incident to expose your customers’ data.

If this data gets into the wrong hands because you didn’t take the steps to dispose of devices, you’re likely to lose trust among your customers.

Once that trust is lost, you have to work twice as hard to earn it back.

Confidential Data Destruction is Protection

Companies have more data than ever, but it’s easier for that data to get lost or breached. That can turn into a mess for your business and your customers.

One way to protect your business, customers and the environment is to use confidential data destruction. It ensures that you’re compliant with industry standards and you protect your brand.

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