Surplus Management

Focus on E-Waste: Who’s Responsibility is it?

This blog has often discussed the issues in paying for eWaste. As our electronics become smaller and more advanced. The inherent value in processing them diminishes. Already, most certified and trustworthy companies charge for processing e-waste. This is of course to cover the labor, safety, and transportation of the electronic waste so that it can
Airbag Recycling Services

Recycling the Airbag Units in Recent Recalls

Requests for our airbags disposal and recycling services have been skyrocketing in recent weeks. This comes after news that even more airbags than initially thought, are affected by the massive recall that swept the globe in 2015. The number stands at over 60 Million vehicles that need a new airbag unit. That is much more
Cleanlites Recycling

Focus on Electronics Recycling: Ending Landfill Contamination

This blog entry is the first in a series about the importance of electronics recycling, in regards to reducing harmful contaminants in landfills and throughout the environment. Each day vast quantities of electronic waste are carelessly discarded and end up in landfills. Sure, plenty of things end up in the landfill, but these contain harmful

North Carolina Considers Scrapping Vital eWaste Laws

Electronic waste regulation is already lax in the United States. With an estimated 12.5% of electronics recycled annually, laws and regulations are doing little to nothing to aid in landfill diversion. Over the years companies like Cleanlites and other leading electronics recyclers have lobbied for stricter eWaste laws--laws that will help pollutants like lead, DHCP,