This blog has often discussed the issues in paying for eWaste. As our electronics become smaller and more advanced. The inherent value in processing them diminishes. Already, most certified and trustworthy companies charge for processing e-waste. This is of course to cover the labor, safety, and transportation of the electronic waste so that it can be properly recovered (on a separate note if a company is paying you for for your e-waste it is probably a ticking time bomb until you get caught in a pollution scandal, we suggest you audit the company carefully).
This week a new solution has come around to paying for the impact of e-waste. This offset comes directly at the point of sale. That’s right, in California this week it was announced that customers will actually be charged an additional fee for the end of life of the product.
This is a concept called ARF (advanced recovery fee) and is comes in tandem with a partnership between the state of California recycling program (CalRecycle) and a multitude of California eWaste processing facilities. These ARFs are almost like a tax except that the dollars are going into one specific fund for one specific job. The numbers break down as such:

  • Items with Screens Less Than 15″ – $3.00
  • Items with Screens 16″ – 35″ – $4.00
  • Items with Screens Larger Than 35″ – $5.00

This is a relatively new and innovative solution to the e-waste dilemma, the issues of cost, offset, and utility. We would like to know what you think. Should we be charged more for our electronic so that they are safely recycled? Or should manufacturers take the hit? Or perhaps there is a third option. Let us know!