Requests for our airbags disposal and recycling services have been skyrocketing in recent weeks. This comes after news that even more airbags than initially thought, are affected by the massive recall that swept the globe in 2015.
The number stands at over 60 Million vehicles that need a new airbag unit. That is much more than 60 Million airbag units that are in need of disposal. 4-6 airbags on average are found in any given vehicle along. Two in the front, and two to four on the sides. That is a massive accumulation of potentially hazardous waste that environmental managers and EHS directors must find a sustainable outlet for.

The Cleanlites Zero Waste System

After extensive testing, certification approval and many audits, Cleanlites has perfected a zero waste system for handling and recycle defective airbag units. Airbags contain many separate components, chemicals, and working parts. Nailing down an effect disposal system was not only expensive, but difficult.
Cleanlites Airbag Recall Recycling program is a zero waste program, effectively diverting 100% of material away from the landfill.
In crafting a recycling method, safety has been our primary concern. Airbag devices contain mild explosive material and this needs to be treated with caution and the appropriate safety measure. However, once the proper safety instruments, workstations and training are implemented, the following raw material can be taken from the airbag:

  • Metal Parts for Scrap
  • Nylon Pieces from the Seatbelt and Bag
  • Paper and Cardboard Elements
  • Various Plastic Pieces

The Importance of Airbag Recycling

With millions of pounds of hazardous material in question, now is truly the time for the automotive industry to come through on its goals of waste reduction. Defective airbags have proven to be unsafe for the driver, when then should they be safe for the landfill? Instead, it makes sense to use a trusted airbag recycling facility. By taking all of the safety factors into account as well as the appropriate DOT and EPA laws for recycling airbags, we can mitigate corporate liability and help to grow a safe and sustainable economy.