Recycling and Brand Identity

Based on current customer surveys, going green could be the best decision you could make for your company Everyone knows that green is new hot topic in the virtually every business model. How sustainable is your business? How eco-friendly are your operations? What is your carbon footprint? More and more people are concerned about how

Beyond the Certifications: Choosing the Right Recycler

If you know anything about the recycling industry, then you know it is often defined by the certifications that a company has. Certifications, particularly R2/RIOS and eStewards, are rites of passage for recycling companies to do business and they work as assurances to customers needing proof of trustworthiness. Certifications are Not Everything That's right, certifications

Vermont Sets Precedent for Battery Recycling Laws

The state of Vermont announced recently that by January 2016, manufacturers will be required to find recycling outlets for spent primary and alkaline batteries. This landmark plan holds manufacturers accountable for recycling batteries and allows residents free, and easy battery recycling options. It is estimated that nearly 10 Million single use batteries are sold and