Based on current customer surveys, going green could be the best decision you could make for your company

Everyone knows that green is new hot topic in the virtually every business model. How sustainable is your business? How eco-friendly are your operations? What is your carbon footprint? More and more people are concerned about how their consumer habits effect the environment. As a result, the responsibility shifts to businesses to provide eco-friendly and green solutions. Using recycled products, using solar powered factories, or averting carbon footprints through investments are all popular ways of greening your brand. However, recycling is often overlooked as an effective and easy way to boast energy reduction, waste aversion, and sustainability.

Why Recycling Helps Your Brand

Think about all of the things your company throws away, and no I’m not talking about bottles and cans. I am talking about the things you might not think about. Packaging for your products, light bulbs in your facilities, product recalls from your factories, or the electronics that power your business like computers, phones, printers or tablets.

“The energy savings from recycling for a business are quite significant

These things all took time, energy, and yes, fossil fuel, to make and deliver. The waste created by the private sector dwarfs the waste created by the general public, and indeed the energy savings from recycling for a business are quite significant.

It is interesting that more companies do not post their recycling metrics for the general public. Recycling not only has a lasting impact on the environment, but it is only a net gain for a company to do so. Consumer reports consistently show a general public that is more willing to do business with a green company.