Solar Panel Recycling

Solar Power is growing rapidly in popularity. With this increase in demand, is also coming an rapid introduction of new technologies and the inevitable obsolescence of the old. For example, the new Solar Energy Generating Globe is making headlines for its 30% increase in energy conversion, and not to mention its beautiful design: At Cleanlites

Merry Christmas From Cleanlites!

What a year it has been for Cleanlites and for the Environment! Cleanlites is happy to extend our well wishes to you and your family, your business, or your friends. This year at Cleanlites we were proudly able to recycle more than ever with the addition of some state of the art equipment and more

3 Recycling Tips for the Holiday Season

Three simple things that will let you, your family, or your business have happy and sustainable holidays No matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday, this time of year we can all join hands in doing our part for the earth that we share. Here are three recycling related tips for the

Recycling Term of the Week: Mercury

What is Mercury and Why Should We Care? This week we wanted to tackle one of the biggest words in the industry. Mercury is widely used in electronics and appliances because of its ability to conduct electricity and respond to pressure and temperature changes. Despite its usefulness, Mercury is a hazardous waste when disposed of