Three simple things that will let you, your family, or your business have happy and sustainable holidays

No matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday, this time of year we can all join hands in doing our part for the earth that we share. Here are three recycling related tips for the holiday season…

1. Recycle Your Old Christmas Lights

Putting up Christmas lights is always a bit of a hassle. What’s worse is that oftentimes after fishing around in your garage for last years lights, you only come to realize they no longer work!

Tangled Christmas lights

Old Christmas lights don’t work? Make sure you recycle them instead of tossing them to the landfill!

This year, when you make that trip to the hardware store to buy some new lights, make that one extra trip to a recycling drop-off center. We can’t guarantee you’ll be any less frustrated in hanging your lights, but you can at least breath a bit easier knowing that your old Christmas lights are being sustainably recycled for new electronics, lights, or maybe Christmas presents!

2. New Electronics? Recycle The Old Ones Responsibily

We at Cleanlites Recycling get plenty of old computers or electronics around the holidays. Recycling your old electronics is helpful for so many reasons, but simply the act alone is not always enough. When recycling your old electronics, make sure you are recycling them responsibly.

CRT TVs ready to be recycled in one of our audited and state-of-the-art facilities.

Many “electronics recyclers” practice unsustainable and hazardous methods in their recycling process. Such processes cause harmful chemicals like dioxins or PCBs to be released into the atmosphere. Other recyclers simply ship their e waste overseas where a lack of regulation causes even more environmental destruction. When recycling your electronics, looks for ISRI or RIOS approvals.

3. New Years and New Goals

Looking for a strong New Years resolution? Join a movement that will help you, your business, the economy and the environment: commit to a zero waste goal. If your business or industry produces high volumes of waste, the chances are high that you can recycle it.


Make a 2014 commitment to zero waste for your household or business.

Whether you are retrofitting your business for the 2014 year, or you are committing to increased levels of sustainable IT Asset Management, a commmitment to the environment is a commitment that has endless benefits.

These three things are a great way to join in the universal peace and joy that the holidays are really about. Together we can recycle for the future!

Happy Holidays from the Staff of Cleanlites Inc!