What is Mercury and Why Should We Care?

This week we wanted to tackle one of the biggest words in the industry. Mercury is widely used in electronics and appliances because of its ability to conduct electricity and respond to pressure and temperature changes.

Despite its usefulness, Mercury is a hazardous waste when disposed of and such activity is monitored and regulated by the EPA. This is because of the high number of health complications that mercury causes when ingested, inhaled, or otherwise accidentally consumed. These complications include reproduction complications, respiratory diseases, and digestive problems.

Why Recycle Mercury?

When you throw away things like thermometers, fluorescent lights, or some batteries, you risk the leakage of mercury into our air, water, and land. Such effects not only affect you, but everyone in your community and the ecosystems around you.

Mercury cannot be destroyed as it is an element and thus stays present and harmful for many years. Cleanlites can effectively capture mercury in our recycling processes and works under EPA guidelines to keep the hazardous element from contaminating our air and water.

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-Cleanlites Staff