Cleanlites Term of the Week: IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management: Building Sustainable Product Life Cycles It Asset Management is a fairly recent term that encompasses the complete product life-cycle management of hardware and software. Organizations with high amounts of computers, office equipment, etc., often use IT Asset Management to streamline the flow of new and old equipment in an attempt to cut

Cleanlites Celebrates America Recycles Day

As a compliant and state-of-the-art recycling facility, Cleanlites is proud to recognize America Recycles Day, and the efforts of our customers and our industry in making an impact environmentally. As you know, Cleanlites accepts universal and electronic e waste from businesses, consumers, and government organizations. We are are committed to environmental stewardship and are fully

Announcing: Cleanlites' Recycling Term of the Week

Follow Our Blog and Learn the World of Recycling Cleanlites, in our ongoing attempt to promote awareness and encourage electronic waste recycling and universal waste recycling, has decided to, in conjunction with our regular blog post, feature a new term dealing with recycling and the environment every Monday. It is not only important to be

Computer Recycling Made Easy With Cleanlites

If you are trying to find a fast, simple, and cheap way to properly dispose of your computer or electronic waste, it is now easier than ever thanks to Cleanlites! As you may know, Cleanlites aims to help the community by offering annual free recycling events. Our most recent one, not only helped to recycle