IT Asset Management: Building Sustainable Product Life Cycles

It Asset Management is a fairly recent term that encompasses the complete product life-cycle management of hardware and software.

Organizations with high amounts of computers, office equipment, etc., often use IT Asset Management to streamline the flow of new and old equipment in an attempt to cut unnecessary expenditures.

IT Asset Management practices include: planning, managing, and disposal of IT Hardware and Software.

In recent years, IT Asset Recycling has become more important in the world of IT Asset Management. E-Recyclers have the ability to take decommissioned equipment and salvage them for use further down the line.

Cleanlites’ IT Asset Management Solutions

As a fully functioning e waste recycling center and waste management facility, Cleanlites is here for your end of life products. We provide a sustainable solution for your IT Asset Management or secure data destruction.

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-Cleanlites Staff