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Cleanlites, in our ongoing attempt to promote awareness and encourage electronic waste recycling and universal waste recycling, has decided to, in conjunction with our regular blog post, feature a new term dealing with recycling and the environment every Monday.

It is not only important to be an informed recycler but also to know about laws, regulations, and guidelines. That may affect you as a small business, corporation or individual.

For a complete list of terms, keep up to date with our glossary (coming soon).

This Week’s Term: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was enacted by congress on 1979 and essentially is a list of approved manufacturing chemicals. The EPA (the TSCA enforcement agency) is required to keep a list or “inventory” of the various chemicals imported and used in manufacturing.

Aside from this, the law also prohibits the use of many substances such as Polychlorinated Bi-Phenyls and Radon.

Working is toxic substances and regulated materials may put your company in danger of prosecution by the EPA. Luckily Cleanlites knows the legislation and knows how to keep your business and the environment safe.

Keep recycling folks, and stay tuned for next week’s word!