Did you know the United States generated 146.1 million tons of trash in the year 2018? And non-hazardous industrial waste isn’t exactly included in this statistic! So if that’s how much waste individual consumers generate, imagine how much your company generates.

Universal waste from office, municipal, or institutional environments is plentiful. And it sure can be overwhelming to find a solution to it all! But responsible waste stream management is possible. And corporate recycling is the perfect place to start.

To get started implementing a system that works for you and your company, keep reading for our waste stream management benefits and tips.

Benefits of Proper Waste Stream Management

A proper waste stream management system can help start a workplace sustainability culture. Your company makes a name for itself among employees by being eco-friendly, which builds morale and gets everyone on board!

A culture of sustainability will have ripple effects across your entire business… and the world! From your bottom line to saving the environment, here are the benefits of a proper waste stream management system.

Become Eco-Friendly

The environmental protection agency (EPA) developed a waste management hierarchy. The hierarchy categorizes the methods of waste management from most to least preferred. Reduction and reuse sit at the top of the hierarchy. The more waste you can prevent, the better!

Next comes recycling/composting, and then energy recovery. Finally, the least preferred method is treatment and disposal. All of these methods can be incorporated into your waste management system in a safe way to make your company more eco-friendly.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Did you know that recycling one ton of materials costs you only $30 per ton while throwing them into a landfill costs you around $50? Imagine the savings adding up when you switch from dumping in landfills to recycling.

How to Manage Your Waste Stream

The best way to build a great waste stream management system? Take inventory of how your waste stream system works already! Crunch the numbers and keep a detailed log tracking how your company currently deals with waste.

Once you’ve taken stock of your current methods of waste management, you can assess how to move forward.

Reduce and Reuse

Focus on areas where you can prevent waste. Can designs change to cut back on certain supplies or materials needed? What about donating excess supplies to organizations in need? Also, think of creating a “green team” in your company to keep track of and work towards these goals.

Start Corporate Recycling

Did you know there are recycling options available for large amounts of waste and for unique materials? From standard recycling to electronics recycling, there are options for your company no matter the industry.

Prioritize a waste recycling business that is close in proximity to your company for easy disposal. But you’ll also want to look for one with a zero-landfill policy, so you can guarantee you’re disposing of your waste the right way.

The Best to Help With Waste Stream Management

Working with a reputable recycling company can take the hassle out of waste stream management. At Cleanlites, we not only recycle your waste, but we offer management solutions for product recall, surplus, and more.

Request a quote from Cleanlites today and take the first step towards building a cleaner, greener company!