Freestore FoodBank Sends Major Thanks! Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. donates $25,000 worth of recycling towards a Freestore FoodBank Eco Engineering Project. With the help of this donation, the FoodBank will save $6,800 a year. That’s money recycled back into the community in which they serve. This project would not have been possible without the help of Cleanlites’ indoor and outdoor lighting recycling in Industry and the Community at large.  


Cincinnati, OH, April 6, 2020— Freestore FoodBank, a Cincinnati local non-profit, sends Cleanlites VP Tim Kimmel, a wave of gratitude. Freestore helps to eradicate hunger by providing low-income families in the Ohio, Tri-State area with nutritious food. Their partnership on the Lighting Retrofit Project was one way Tim and his team at Cleanlites helped Freestore increase their energy efficiency.  

“Tim – I want to thank you and the Cleanlites team for your donation of recycling towards the approx. $25,000 indoor and outdoor lighting retrofit project. Eco Engineering completed it yesterday at the Cincinnati Freestore Food bank on Tennessee Avenue. Our project will save the Freestore about $6,800 every year they can redeploy towards achieving their mission — critical work in the community.”

Cleanlites Recycling is an industrial Cincinnati based recycling facility that provides recycling for Automotive, Corporate, Energy, Financial, Government, Healthcare, OEM, Residential and Retail industry. With six locations nationwide, Cleanlites Recycling is renewing its commitment to local charitable EcoFriendly giving. By partnering with non-profits such as Freestore FoodBank, Cleanlites promotes community bonds. Bonds that help local businesses advance and thrive within their respective communities. Freestore Foodbank is one of the many charitable donations of Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. 

“This project reinforced our Mission to support the communities where we live and work. This is the second large Company-Wide project we have installed, along with numerous small projects, and it won’t be the last, as we are committed to donating our time and money to these groups that are working to make the world a better place.” — Tom Kirkpatrick, Freestore FoodBank

The Cleanlites Recycling team is available Monday- Friday to service industries and the community with aerosol disposal, airbag, ballast, battery, computer monitoring recycling and confidential data destruction. With additional services–Lamps, LCD, and LED recycling. 

“It would not be possible for us to do projects on a pro bono basis for organizations like the Freestore Foodbank without support from Companies and people like Cleanlites.” –Tom Kirkpatrick, Freestore FoodBank

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About: Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. is a large-scale industrial recycler. They have six locations nationwide. Their company initiative helps protect the environment by providing financially affordable, EcoFriendly recycling solutions. Solutions that work in today’s modern economy. They strive to maintain a global positive impact through conserving non-renewable resources. Cleanlites also commits to building strong community relations through charitable donations.  

Contact Name: Tim Kimmel

Business Name: Cleanlites Recycling, Inc

Address: 7806 Anthony Wayne Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45216

Phone Number: 5136414155