With the rapid advance of technology, electronics like cellphones, tablets, and laptops are constantly being upgraded. The issue with that is these items are often being discarded incorrectly once they’re made obsolete.

Most people don’t even realize that it’s unsafe to throw their old tech in the trash. Not only that, but electronics recycling helps to preserve precious metals.

Something as simple as a cell phone can make a huge difference. For every million cell phones that are recycled, 35 thousand pounds of copper, 33 pounds of palladium, 772 pounds of silver, and 75 pounds of gold are salvaged.

To learn more about recycling, take a look at the information below.

How to Do Electronic Waste Recycling the Right Way

Prior to donating or recycling your electronics, there are few things you should do. If you have a computer or laptop, think about repairing your hardware or upgrading your software instead of buying a new laptop.

Doing so prevents your old electronics from being discarded somewhere that it shouldn’t. Plus, it helps to slow down the production of computers that require natural resources to make.

You should also take out your battery from your electronics. Sometimes they have to be recycled separately.

What’s the Purpose of Electronics Recycling?

Electronics are comprised of valuable materials like glass and metal that require energy to manufacture. Donating or recycling your electronics helps to preserve the natural resources that prevent pollution.

That’s why you should never throw outdated electronics or batteries in the garbage. The toxins inside of the items are harmful to the environment and shouldn’t be in landfills, as are the greenhouse gas emissions created when virgin materials are initially manufactured.

To get more educational news about electronic waste recycling, visit the National Center for Electronics Recycling.

Places to Recycle E-waste

If you’re new to electronics recycling, you might out know where you can take your old technology items, here are a few options:

Staples: Staples electronics recycling program accepts mobile devices and PC’s, either in the store or through recycling events.

BestBuy: The Best Buy electronics recycling program also accepts cell phones, PC’s, and televisions. You can return them online or choose an online option.

Cellphone Retailers: LG and Samsung offer mail-in recycling options. Also, Sprint accepts phones in the store, through the mail, buy-back, and donations.

Call2Recycle: This is another helpful resource for recycling mobile phones. They have several drop-off locations around the country. Visit their website to find a location near you.

Another beneficial form of recycling is bulk recycling for companies. Think about all of the electronics that businesses have like computers, phones, and other devices.

By recycling these items with Cleanlites, it helps to save tons of e-waste from entering the landfill.

Electronics Recycling the Right Way

If you’re looking for an electronics recycling facility, Cleanlites can help. We have several locations around the country in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and South Carolina.

Also, our facilities accept different types of waste like computer monitors, batteries, and lamps. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 800-778-6645, or contact us online to request a quote.