5 Amazing E Waste Solutions That Will Decrease Air Pollution

The wonderful technology of today comes out faster and faster. As development cycles get shorter and upgrades pour out, the landfill of electronic waste grows ever larger.

E waste is a growing problem, and it is up to a combined effort of consumers and producers to find appropriate solutions. What are these e waste solutions?

Today we’ll go over 5 major pushes that can help craft real change in the face of e waste. Eager to find out what part you can play? Read on below.

1. Push for Less Harmful Materials in Electronics

Electronics come with a massive variety of materials and almost all of them don’t break down in a way that organics do. Even worse, some can cause damage to the environment.

Chemicals like mercury, lead, beryllium, cadmium, and even BRFs. These can poison humans and wildlife, cause long-term taint in soil and surrounding plants, and often do not degrade in a landfill.

While not all of these have an easy alternative, the sooner someone develops one, the sooner electronics can be safe to dispose of.

2. Fight Against Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is when a product’s design is to wear down faster than it would do so under normal circumstances. This works with faulty pieces, upgraded software, or even constant upgrades.

This isn’t always the plan during development. Sometimes a company uses lower quality parts to keep costs low.

No matter why it happens, it is detrimental. The longer an electronic is in use, the more time it is not in a landfill. It slows down the rising tide of e waste.

3. Support Better Recycling

Recycling is a key aspect of environmental work. Putting electronics to better uses helps keeps their dangerous parts out of landfills. When the landfill is inevitable, it is good to put in the least amount of material as possible.

Knowing where to find the best recycling, though, is the key.

Many businesses are jumping on the recycling trend with programs that take in outdated and broken technology they sell for proper recycling.

4. Work to Repair

The craftsmanship of repairing electronics is not a skill everyone has, but it is a skill that can help prevent a massive amount of e waste.

Often times when you throw a piece of electronics away and consider it broken, a simple repair job could have it back to working order.

The problem is that now not only is repair harder to come by but many companies require specific repair by their own professionals, making repair more of a hassle and more expensive.

A repair can extend the life of an electronic item by years, slowing down e waste by massive amounts.

5. Do Not Upgrade Until Needed

The perhaps the biggest culprit of the rise of e waste is the cultural desire for the latest upgrade. From iPhones to gaming hardware, upgrading to the latest version before the previous hardware has even worn out leads to a lot of e waste.

Upgrades are a positive, but weighing on when upgrades are a worthwhile investment is an important factor to consider.

Companies don’t help when you make better deals for upgrades and require the latest hardware to access their software.

Fighting For the Right E Waste Solutions

A lot of e waste solutions requires a desire for environmental solutions over quick and easy business practices. It is up to those with influence to make changes and push for a better tomorrow. Are you ready to make a change?

If you are, we are here to help. There is a lot to recycling and other e waste solutions. Knowledge can help you make decisions, and that comes from understanding what you are dealing with. Learn more today!