President Obama's UN Speech on Climate Change

Yesterday (September 23) The President addressed the United Nations in a speech covering Climate change, the role of the US, and the need for change. While Obama has taken steps throughout his presidency to do more for the environment, many think that this speech is the beginning of a much bigger step towards stricter environmental

A New Website That Tell You How To Recycling Everything

We are more than happy to share this great website that provides a comprehensive list about recycling anything you can think of. That's right the well known DIY and craft website, just put up a comprehensive list on recycling just about anything. Why is this significant? Some of you may know that by many

Apple's Unveiling Brings New Questions About Sustainability

Apple made headlines once again yesterday with the advent of its first product in four years. The Apple Watch is an integrated smart watch allowing the user more convenience in everyday life, and sometimes, renderings old technology obsolete. As new iPhones and gadgets hit the market, we expect to see an increase in the already