Apple made headlines once again yesterday with the advent of its first product in four years. The Apple Watch is an integrated smart watch allowing the user more convenience in everyday life, and sometimes, renderings old technology obsolete. As new iPhones and gadgets hit the market, we expect to see an increase in the already steady growing stream of electronic waste worldwide. iphone

With new products, how does Apple’s product lifecycle management add up?

Its no surprise that as a modern and global company, Apple takes environmental impact seriously. In fact, we have found that apple seems to be ahead of other OEMs in terms of their responsibility to the environment.

The fact of the matter is, that Apple’s product is so widespread in so many millions of people’s hands, that dealing with end of life product management is incredibly difficult. Apple does note that all apple products are accepted at apple stores for no charge take back for recycling. For us, that’s a big step forward. Electronics companies and big manufactures must begin to take responsibility for their products after they have left the factory floor.

Why is Product Life-cycle Management Important?

At Cleanlites, we believe implementing sustainable brand management for large manufacturing will not only grow those respective businesses, but it will be solve numerous issues related to environmental management. In fact the report card for Apple in terms of product sustainability is relatively high. We think that more companies should look to apple in managing their product life cycles.