Electronic waste or eWaste is one of the most valuable waste products that should never be placed into a landfill. This is because eWaste contains a lot more valuable and recoverable resources that can be used compared to regular waste.

The “Good” stuff in eWaste.

Most E-waste such as your everyday, old iPhone, computer and television, contain large amounts of materials that include aluminum, gold, silver, copper, other ferrous metals and plastic. USA Lamp & Ballast is able to help conserve these resources by using minimal energy compared to producing raw resources from virgin lands. The materials that are gathered from old Ewaste products can then be reused, refurbished and ultimately, recycled back into new products we used today, instead of ending up in landfills.

Now the “Bad” stuff in eWaste…

Almost every type of eWaste product contains very hazardous and toxic materials that include types of contaminates such as mercury, beryllium, lead, chromium cadmium and other types of chemical flame retardants. All of these materials can and will easily cause damage to air, soil, water, people and plants.

The benefits of recycling.

Our recycling centers are able to dismantle large quantities of electronics in order to recycle the precious metals, while keeping the hazardous material out of the air, soil and water. Additionally, we help reduce the high amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are created from the manufacturing of raw materials for new products. It makes more sense to recycle these materials and keep our communities environment green.

Other benefits recycling has.

  • USA Lamp & Ballast creates large amounts “Green” jobs of within the United States, both local and nationwide.
  • We even save help save our local landfills from the ever growing mountain of garbage and toxic eWaste.