Technology is constantly improving – that’s the good news. Unfortunately, these advancements often come with a set of unintended, yet serious consequences. 

The fastest-growing form of waste and pollution globally is electronic waste. E-waste poses a significant threat to the environment, and toxic chemicals that end up in landfills can find their way into our bodies via the food we eat and water we drink. 

Each day, thousands of devices are thrown away in the trash. This improper disposal of electronics is not only irresponsible, but downright dangerous. 


Where does your thrown-away computer go? 

All of the discarded computers will almost always end up in one of three places…and only one is a good option. Here are the potential outcomes that will be determined by where you throw out your device: 

  • Option #1 is that your computer will find its way to the nearest landfill. If you’re simply putting your old electronics in with the trash, this is the most likely outcome. It hurts the environment and should be avoided at all costs. The verdict? NOT GOOD! 
  • Option #2 is that you’ll take your computer to a “recycling company” you found online after a quick search, in the hopes that it will embark on a sustainable path to disposal or reincarnation in another device. Unfortunately, you didn’t make sure this recycler was certified. Instead of being properly recycled, it’s shipped overseas for profit, and will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere else. The verdict? NOT GOOD! 
  • Option #3 is that you did your homework, found a reputable, certified electronics recycler. From there, the recycler will separate the parts for use in future production. Waste is minimized, and the environment is saved from more needless waste. The verdict? GOOD! 


Wrapping Up 

It might not be as convenient as putting it in the garbage can with last night’s dinner scraps, but recycling your computer doesn’t have to be a challenge. A few minutes of research can lead you to a certified recycler, and you’ll never have to worry if you’ll be responsible for hurting our environment.