March 20 Marks the First Day of Spring, and Its Time To Clean and Recycle!

Thankfully the long and cold winter is almost behind us. For many, springtime is a time where you organize the house, the office, the business, or maybe the classroom. More often than not, families, businesses, and organizations tend to build up an excess of used electronics. Spring time and spring cleaning are great times to recycle your old electronics with peace of mind knowing they are not entering landfills.

Where Can I Recycling my Old Lights or Electronics?

When you are in the thick of your spring cleaning, we want it to be easy for you to have a place to recycle your old fluorescent bulbs, old batteries, or even old monitors, computers, cell phones, or other electronics.

Here are three great ways to sustainably dispose of your waste in spring cleaning, and to help keep the planet clean as well.

1. Find a Recycling Event

More often than not, a recycling event will be happening near your home. Its easy to take a crate of your old bulbs, batteries, or electronics and drop it off: no charge, no fee! Make sure you follow Cleanlites’ social media updates on facebook, twitter, or google+, to find out when our next recycling event is.

2. Drop it Off!

Don’t feel like waiting for the next recycling event? Come drop of your waste for free at most Cleanlites locations (there may be a small charge for some forms of waste at some locations). We accept fluorescent bulbs, computers, e waste, ballast, and batteries from any walk-in customer. Other large retailers like Target and Home Depot also offer drop off options for your bulbs, small electronics, or ink cartridges.

Find a Cleanlites Drop-Off Location Near You

3. Recycle By Mail

Did you know that you can order specialized recycling boxes, pails, and containers to-on your own time-throw away your bulbs, batteries, or electronic waste and-when full-you ship it away? We call this mail-back recycling and it really works!

You can keep your boxes as long as you want, put them in the basement, garage, by the trash can. Just keep them around and, when they’re full, ship them back for free and know that you are helping the environment.