In the summer of 2019 Cleanlites Recycling successfully completed a nearly two-year-long design and buildout of our proprietary airbag recycling operation.  Chief amongst our accomplishments was the installation of what we are calling our EADS or Electronic Airbag Deactivation System. Our EADS is able to process what has become a new and very quickly growing waste stream: automotive airbag devices.

Since 2014 airbags have been in the headlines as a very difficult and prevalent waste stream.  Ever since big name manufacturers were forced to recall several hundred million units, these devices have proved difficult and tedious to recycle. Since this waste stream began increasing in size, Cleanlites has been working to find creative and efficient ways to handle it.  Along with the partnership of the Ohio EPA and representatives in the Ohio sustainability community, we were able to secure an EPA Market Development Grant to help finance the EAD system.

Along with this strategic partnership with the EPA, we also have committed to bringing new sustainability jobs to the Wauseon, Ohio area.  We are slowly starting to ramp up our operating capacity at the Wauseon facility and eventually we hope to hold shifts around the clock recycling a variety of difficult to recycle items.

We partnered together to plan, design and assemble a highly efficient and safe system at our newly minted Wauseon facility.  The EAD system has three key components: 1.) the feeding and sorting section 2.) the electronic deactivation system, and 3.) the particulate capture system and final output.

We spent hours working directly with the manufacturer to develop a safe and efficient airbag recycling system.  What we ended up with is the first of its kind proprietary airbag recycling system. For more detailed information as well as MSDS and permit information please contact us directly.  To inquire about partnering with us for airbag recycling please contact