We’re posting this blog not only to highlight the rapid adaptation, growth and advancement of solar energy, but also to highlight the efforts from one of our valued customers in Michigan State University. The Spartans of East Lansing have been busy, busy at work absolutely crushing research and development in quest of more efficient solar energy, and solar energy harvesting.
This quest has led MSU to one of the cooler things we’ve heard about all year; A clear solar panel that can not only harvest and deliver sustainable energy, but also serve as a window in a structure. Our first reaction is simply “wow, that is awesome”, but our secondary reaction is “My gosh, how far can this go?”. If we’re able to incorporate energy harvesting in windows of structures, how long until we do so in automobiles? What about boats? Machinery? You see where this is going, it is endless. Solar energy and battery technology advancement are going to revolutionize multiple facets of our lives over the course of the next decade, in fact, this [long overdue] energy revolution is already well underway.
The advances mentioned above are a direct result of human progress and ingenuity, but this advancement means little without sustainability. In order for our society to truly benefit from these engineering marvels, we must focus on developing solutions that can be efficiently recycled and repurposed. This theory is being put into practice across the globe, it’s on us to make sure it continues to be adopted by both new players in innovation and household name institutions alike. To help aid this effort, Cleanlites makes sure each client we partner with is being presented with comprehensive and effective recycling programs for the waste they generate, paired with industry leading customer service. To learn more about Cleanlites commitment to innovation and waste management, contact a team member today.
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