Energy created by solar panels has seen quite the jump in adoption rate as of lately; In 2017 alone, the United States added installed almost 11GW of new solar energy capability. This equates to approximately 35 million solar panels installed, in a single year. This is a great sign of progress and growth for energy production in the United States, our country needs as much sustainable energy as it can get.
As our country’s power supply and transportation continue to grow in a more sustainable direction, we are inevitably going to face obstacles in managing new, non-traditional waste streams. Under no circumstance should a solar panel ever be landfilled, our aim is to ensure this never becomes the case. Cleanlites is focused on maintaining our leadership role in waste management, so our company’s leadership has been working diligently at preparing our facility for the next wave of waste.
Solar panel recycling at Cleanlites’ Cincinnati recycling facility has increased exponentially in the past 18-24 months. In 2017, Cleanlites processed over 1.5 million pounds of solar panels. With an increase in solar manufacturing going on here in the United States, Cleanlites will be receiving waste from more and more solar manufacturers – On top of all of the end of life panels being retired from residential, municipal and corporate use. Cleanlites will be ready for this increase. Our facilities will continue to refine their solar recycling processes, while bringing in and training top-talent as our company continues to grow. Check back with our blog in the coming months to learn more about our solar recycling efforts and progress.
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