How We Integrate Seamlessly in Retail Recycling Efforts

Retail is a driving force in the American economy. In this day and age, items are being purchased at increasingly high rates and as such, the obsolete items are making their way out of homes and into the waste stream.

  • Retail Recycling Integration
  • IT Asset Management
  • Warehousing and Product Recycling
  • Secure Data Destruction

Oftentimes, large retailers offer drop-off recycling programs for people to come in and recycle their small electronics, light bulbs, batteries, or cell phones. Where these items end up after the drop-off is often not known. Cleanlites effectively disposes of these end of life electronics and puts them back into the product stream.

Cleanlites’ Retail Recycling Integration

The infographic below shows the program integration that is seamlessly offered by Cleanlites. Our recycling services cover all drop-off consumer recycling products and the markets we send our processed commodities to are all audited and sustainable.

Other Solutions in Retail Recycling

Cleanlites not only can take care of retail recycling efforts at the consumer level, but we can also integrate recycling efforts on the corporate and warehousing levels. Between IT Asset Management solutions and product recall, facility recycling, and secure data shredding and destruction Cleanlites can comprehensively create a cradle-to-cradle relationship for your retail company.

Corporate sustainability is an absolute necessity in the modern day. Cleanlites will help you develop your environmentalism alongside developing your own retail efforts. Let us help you today, visit our industry pages to learn more.