Engaging in Green Business Practice is widely considered a positive and almost expected action for most modern businesses. Consumer activity is beginning to be informed by more than just price and quality, instead it is a multitude of factors that shape and form a consumer’s affinity towards a specific brand.

You can probably see what I am getting at here, a consumers choice is informed, at least partially by how environmentally conscious a brand is. Don’t just take my word for it either, this is a phenomenon that has been pretty well documented.


Oasis One Stop Recycling Solution

Often times it is shown that execs are hesitant to invest time and money in sustainability practices such as recycling old products, sourcing from recycled products, or otherwise closing their manufacturing loop.

What these decision makers might overlook is the potential for return on investment. That’s right, with the right marketing and PR strategy, recycling can do for your business what even some of the best advertising can’t . . . it can show your customer that buying your product or service also means helping the environment, it is also supporting something beyond the traditional corporate mechanism, something that affects everyone.

High thoughts perhaps for a recycling blog, but this opportunity is something to run with! And whats more, you don’t have to trust me, you can look to the hundreds of metrics, articles and information supporting this. Recycling pays off, not only environmentally, but economically and socially.