Sourcing recycled commodities can help build brand trust with a “DRC Conflict Free” stamp a approval. Under section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, congress requires all relevant manufacturers to disclose the sourcing of commodities in manufacturing.

Sourcing 100% recycled commodities can give you an edge with this seal of approval.

Sourcing 100% recycled commodities can give you an edge with this seal of approval.

In an attempt to the stifle what can only be called a “rampant” proliferation of conflict area sourced minerals in electronics manufacturing, congress put into motion section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank act. The 2010 ruling requires companies to conduct an audit of their materials sourcing and product flow. Conflict minerals such as gold, tantulum, tin or tungsten.

Recycled Electronic Waste

Using recycled minerals and materials in product development could mean conflict free status for your business

Such materials often come from a particular part of Africa known as the Democratic Republic of Congo Region (DRC Region). This area has become famous over the past few years for their violent acts of war and slavery. Many companies have been brought into the spotlight for their harmful sourcing of these products. As a response, recyclers can now account for a seal of approval detailing that these commodities were sustainably sourced.

Environmental Health and Safety Managers (EHS) have often been designated the complex task of moving their company away from dangerously sourced materials and into the sustainable sourcing of recycled goods and commodities. What may often get overlooked with the “end-of-life” sourcing of such materials. Putting the materials back into the commodity loop not only saves the environment in energy reclamation and aversion, but also brings the world one step closer to sourcing conflict free minerals.

Contact your EHS manager for information on your purchasing and end-of-life policy, make certain that you are part of the sustainable loop and not contributing to polluted alternative.