End of Life Transformers, Generators, or Batteries: Cleanlites will Recycle all power equipment and materials!


We all know that power is a hot topic. Some say wind will be the future, some say nuclear or solar. Regardless of the answer, recycling is and always will be of utmost importance.

Cleanlites makes a point to take energy sources and materials and recycle them, saving even more energy in the process. In fact some of the materials present in transformers, batteries or power supplies translate to up to a 95% energy saving. How does that fact work? Basically the metals contained in these materials are becoming more and more rare. Not only does that mean more expensive, but it means we have to dig deeper, longer, and harder to mine them. Recycling old equipment completely and efficiently closes the loop.

I Have Transformers or Power Equipment: How Should I Recycle It?

Recycling with us is easy. We have friendly staff that will get you the answers you need with no hold times or computer automation! You can call 888-826-9126 or email us and expect a quick response!

Recycle Sustainably, Use Your Power and Help the Environment!