Well folks, it is officially here, the long awaited ‘’future’’ we’ve all eagerly anticipated has finally arrived. As of 2015, humans in Nevada, humans no different than you and I, brought online an energy facility which is capable of producing 110-megawatts of energy. This same energy facility in Nevada is capable of storing 110 mega-watts of energy for 10 hours, produced 1k construction jobs and over 4k supportive/indirect jobs – All while burning zero gallons of fuel during operation, that’s a pretty impressive stat sheet. Add the fact this facility can power 75k homes during peak and you can’t help but be amazed.
How does this science fiction energy work exactly? An array of mirrors directs sunlight to a centrally located tower filled with salt, the sunlight diverted from the mirror array heats the salt to over 1k degrees, which then creates steam that turns a turbine, thus creating energy.
So we leave it up to you, our beloved readers, to determine whether or not we’re currently living in 2018, or living in a low-budget 1980’s Sci-Fi film. When you read about active technology like the molten salt-solar approach it’s hard to tell a difference.
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