A team of researchers at University of California Irvine ran tests on multiple LED lighting types, including LEDs used in traffic lights, automobile lighting fixtures and even Christmas lights. The results were astounding. The most toxic LED lights are those found in low-intensity red LEDs, this particular bulb contains up to eight times the amount of lead permitted by California state law. California may be at the forefront of such legislature, but that is still a lot of lead.
While on the brighter side (zing?), white LED lights contain the least amount of lead of all, but still carry significant amounts of nickel that is known to cause inflammation and other allergic reactions. The copper found in some LEDs poses a considerable environmental threat, especially should it find it’s way into the water supply. Moral of the story here, you still have to responsibly dispose of LED lighting the same way you’re supposed to dispose of CFL; With a responsible recycler who is going to safely process your waste in a controlled environment.
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