USA Lamp & Ballast created, Lampmaster, a prepaid recycling program that ensures complete compliance while reducing the risk of contamination by storing hazardous materials at your facility. When the container is full, just ship it back to us, it’s prepaid!

Our price includes everything you need to begin your recycling program – containers, prepaid shipping to and from your facility, processing and certificates of recycling. Simply order, fill, seal and ship with the prepaid shipping label.

Lampmaster’s prepaid recycling kits are convenient, best recycling kit prices, compared to our competition, while staying State, EPA and OSHA compliant.

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Our program is the perfect solution for your lamps, ballasts, batteries and mercury containing items. Our program is being used by thousands of companies across the country for routine maintenance.

Lampmaster’s prepaid recycling kits are used for lamps, batteries, ballasts and e waste equipment that you can use to manage your home and company waste streams.

Using Lampmaster is an easy efficient way to recycle many used hazardous waste products found in the household and business waste streams.

  •           Order – the master kits of your choice
  •           Fill – broken or used fluorescent bulbs, batteries, e waste and mercury devices
  •          Ship – Set your recycling container out with your other FedEx shipments
  •          Click – Certificate of Recycling will appear once we receive your kit

Recycling with Lampmaster assures you that your waste is being managed according to all Federal, State and Local regulations. Our company utilizes environmentally sound procedures and can provide documentation of recycling for the materials your company is discarding.

We guarantee destruction of all confidential material on your electronic equipment because we believe destruction of your private information is as important as proper management of your waste stream. Lampmaster carries 10,000,000 in pollution liability insurance. We are in compliance with environmental laws and can provide documentation of all downstream processing facilities.  We take sufficient measures to safeguard all workers and the environment. Lampmaster is in compliance with OSHA, and the environment, health, safety and quality management programs.

Use our Lampmaster Recycling Kit to recycle: CFLs, compact fluorescents, fluorescent lamps, HID, high intensity discharge, shielded fluorescent, ushape, ubends, circular, and incandescent bulbs.

Use our Pailmaster Recycling Kit to recycle: Cell phones. Battery types containing alkaline, nickel cadmium, nickel hydride, zinc, lead acid type, lithium, mercury, button cell, silver and co-mingled batteries. Ballasts recycling for non-PCB ballast. Mercury containing devices recycling for thermometers, mercury switches, thermostate, manometers, medical devices and dental amalgams

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