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Stay Certified With Cleanlites Recycling

Cleanlites Recycling is certified to handle a variety of waste streams and to assuredly take care of potentially hazardous materials from any customer.  With 5 facilities across the United States, Cleanlites is committed to upholding all regulations whether Federal, Regional, or Local.

Cleanlites maintains an open relationship with customers and EPA Regulatory officials with a commitment to transparency and excellence in compliance.

EPA Part B Facility
R2 RIOS Certification (Cincinnati OH locations)
HIPAA Destruction

Cleanlites maintains a Part B facility certification for our Cincinnati and Ohio Recycling facilities.  This means that Cleanlites is permitted to dispose of mercury containing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Our mercury permit allows us to process mercury safely and securely.  This requires oversight by the Ohio EPA and constant check-ups for the safe processing of mercury.

Cleanlites’ R2 Certification for our eWaste Recycling Facility is the top level of certification possible for safe and sustainable recycling.  R2 and RIOS are two coinciding certifications that rigorously check our process, our safety, our management and our downstream operations.

R2 ensures that our eWaste and other waste streams are sustainable and this requires rigorous preparation and record-keeping on Cleanlites’ side.  For an R2 certificate, or for more information, please feel free to contact a Cleanlites representative.

Our HIPAA certification allows Cleanlites to handle sensitive data and destroy or sanitize materials that may have precious data on them. Cleanlites is committed to data security and safety for all customers.  To learn more about our HIPAA data destruction and our standards for data destruction please feel free to contact a Cleanlites representative.