Recent revelations from the Basel Action Network have confirmed that even after the original 2016 report, there are still household names exporting electronic waste overseas to China. Initially, we’re shocked that such behavior would continue after BAN blew the whistle last year, but after some thought we aren’t surprised at all. This behavior will continue with some recyclers until there is legislation prohibiting it, plain and simple.
This (sadly popular) practice is not only detrimental to the environment, but also presents a huge information security risk. Sending our spent, data-rich electronic waste to China creates a whole new kind of information security risk, for the individuals, businesses and the government. As previously mentioned, there is no legislation in place to stop this, so it falls on the waste generator (you) to make sure their waste is being recycled with a reputable recycler who isn’t exporting. Ask your recycler hard questions, not just about where the waste goes but how and where they process it – Make them assure you your waste isn’t going to China. The risk is far too great.