I’m sure you have had a few cases where that old beloved Windows 98 machine had to go. Indeed, most sales data points to more obsolete equipment piling up every year. You may not think about it, but the decision you make about what to do with these now ancient pieces of technology is very important.

Check out this infographic Cleanlites Recycling made about why its important to recycle your old electronics responsibly:


When you are recycling your computer, not only are you keeping toxic chemicals away from landfills, but you are helping create reusable resources, saving energy, cutting costs, and creating jobs. It is amazing how much one act of recycling can truly benefit the world around you.

More and more, we expect to see stricter laws and guidelines for recycling and throwing away because we as a society simply cannot afford more waste in the landfill. Why not double back on the costs of throwing things away when you have double the value by recycling?

Cleanlites Challenges You To Recycle!

We want to issue a challenge to you, to reduce your waste to only the essential elements. You would be amazed to learn all of the things that you can recycle.

We want to challenge you, whether you are just a household, a small business, or a corporate enterprise, we challenge you to reduce your waste stream. We know its possible, and we are here to help. Let’s leave this world better off than we inherited it!