CEA Reports Growing Trends in Electronics Recycling

Ringing in the new year with some good news, our friends at Earth 911 in coalition with the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) came out with some research that the goal to recycle 1 Billion Pounds of Electronics by 2016 is actually closer than we thought.

The picture below shows that in 2012, the amount of recycling locations as well as the percentage of recycling that occurred at third-party certified recycling facilities was at 99%. These statistics mean that companies like Cleanlites are doing their job, and truly starting to solve a global problem.


CEAs Infographic for 2012 Data. Read the full Earth 911 E-Recycling Report here

2014 Recycling Resolutions

Cleanlites is proud not only to see such improvement but also to be a direct contributor to the solution of this problem. With the new introduction of our SSI Industrial Shredder at our E-Waste Recycling Facility, we are ready to take on the challenge in 2014.

Together with other recycling facilities and our friends at places like Earth 911, Cleanlites hopes to work in 2014 to push us even closer to the goal. In 2012, Cleanlites was able to recycling nearly 500,000 pounds of electronic waste. This number grew in 2013 (metrics out soon!). We hope to continue to stay part of this growing industry and continue to help solve a growing problem.