Fluorescent Bulb Disposal

Compact fluorescent lamp or CFL and other types of fluorescent bulbs that are thrown into the trash will end up in a landfill or get incinerated. These methods of fluorescent bulb disposal lead to toxic releases of mercury into our environment. Along with the danger within the landfills, there is even a danger with mercury breaking or leaking out of dumpsters, trash compactors and trashcans. Fluorescent bulb recycling needs to happen more often because over 670 million fluorescent bulbs are discarded every year, within the United States. All of this amounts to 3 to 5 tons of accumulated toxic mercury into our environment. Once the mercury is in the environment, it will build up in all living organisms and will contaminate the entire food chain.

Join our recycling team and help prevent the release of mercury, by recycling and disposing of all CFL’s and other types of fluorescent light bulbs. USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling is able to properly dispose of the mercury that is built into these bulbs and recycle the rest.