Recent headlines have put all eyes on the EPA as they slowly roll out new sanctions, regulations, and guidelines for emissions, energy reduction, and pollution prevention. Some of these regulations have been met with a fair amount of opposition. Its no surprise that companies may not have the budget or the time to meet some of the relatively radical changes the EPA is planning to impose.


However, some of the senior administrators of the EPA have recently come out with ideas and ways that can effectively improve not only public opinion, but also the accomplish many environmental goals. The answer? Flexibility and creativity.

Because states are largely responsible for the reductions in energy consumption and emissions, it is the hope of the EPA that states will use this freedom as grounds to spark creativity and innovation. Investment in solar, wind, and other alternative energy research and production is likely to grow as a result.


So what will become of these laws and standards? Hopefully they will be adopted by many states and taken into account in the fight towards sustainability. Many states are already pushing incentives for energy reduction and sustainable product management.

What Would We Like To See?

Cleanlites works indirectly with energy reduction. How? Well every computer, lamp, cell phone, or asset we recycle goes down the line to become new recycled material. The contribution to energy reduction, though not direct, is significant. Therefore we would like to see State Laws offer recycling programs as a way of energy reduction. We think that this is not only sustainable, but an amazing way to save the environment for free.