As Cleanlites continues to grow and add more facilities and more diverse waste streams, we are also growing our client base and partners.  This year we gladly welcomed more clients and industries to the already-large Cleanlites family.

We were happy to add many partners in the green energy field.  Among the partnerships were various solar energy providers throughout the United States as Cleanlites has ramped up its solar recycling operations.  We are in fact using our new R&D center to develop new and innovative ways to recycle solar panel materials. Cleanlites hopes to be a fully functioning green energy infrastructure recycler in 2020.

We have also grown our Automotive recycling division through the development of our airbag recycling facility and our ever-growing eWaste recycling and recovery operations.  We have partnered with automotive manufacturers and facilities as well as directly with corporate offices to establish a waste management plan that makes sense for them. Some of the biggest names in the automotive industry are choosing Cleanlites for our airbag recycling program, our automotive recycling program and our ever-growing lead acid battery recycling program for automotive battery recycling.

Finally we have grown our public partnerships with municipal and state institutions around the nation.  Cleanlites has always valued its synergy with the state and municipal governments. This year we hope to reach out to even more operations and partner with public agencies for the recycling of a variety of common wastes including but not limited to residential waste like bulbs and batteries, IT equipment like computers and eWaste, data containing devices and hazardous materials.