You may have heard the term thrown around by EHS managers, sustainability coordinators, or maintenance staff. You probably get the general concept. For those of you that don’t know, cradle to cradle is a sustainability term used to describe a recycled product’s life cycle. But what is most important about cradle to cradle is that it truly vital for any company.

Why Cradle to Cradle is Important for Your Company

Understanding cradle to cradle is important for increasing corporate sustainability, understanding a sustainable corporate life cycle, and promoting the sustainability of your business. Customers are now more and more likely to purchase products from sustainable sources and responsible companies. The benefit of business recycling has never been greater.

Technology, electronics, office supplies, scanning equipment, and other machinery and electronics associated with businesses transactions are all things that can be recycled at no cost and not only will give credibility to your business, but will empower your brand through corporate sustainability.

C2C Counts for the Environment Too

Every item that you recycle, contributes that much in resource conservation, energy reduction and pollution aversion. The benefits to recycling a computer are phenomenal. The aluminum, copper, and precious metals in your old electronics are relatively small individually but add up to create a massive opportunity for resource recovery. Of course the alternative not only ends with these products being lost in the waste, but also with their potential to accumulate in e waste dumps across seas resulting in arsenic,

Cradle to cradle management starts at the manufacturer, it continues with the customer, and ends with the recycling company who inevitably sends the product to the manufacturer again. It is the job of every part of this circle to make sure the product’s life cycle is a closed and not an open loop

Additional Resources for Cradle to Cradle Practice

As is the case with many other things in the recycling industry, there is a wealth of information available for how you can properly implement your cradle to cradle practices. Recycling companies like Cleanlites can implement total sustainability packages that track your supplies from beginning to end. C2C Organization is an organization that is dedicated to certifying and helping businesses move towards sustainable life cycles. Investopia has a good definition of the product life cycle and understanding them in a business context.

Never be afraid to ask about the cradle to cradle business recycling solutions Cleanlites offers!