This year we cut the ribbon at our new R&D facility in Wauseon, Ohio.  The facility boasts several thousand square footage of storage space and most importantly is to house our now-fully-operational airbag recycling center.  As our processing capabilities grow, we hope to use this facility to continue testing new and more efficient methods of processing various waste streams.

In 2020, we hope to continue building the sustainability consulting arm of our business by growing our existing client base and by diversifying the various waste streams we already accept.  In 2019, we had the pleasure of partnering with various public and private entities with whom we collaborated and shared processes and ideas. We hope that this groundbreaking new facility will continue to build more partnerships and develop new and innovative ways to process hard-to-recycle items.

Our goal is to push the limits in what can be recycled and how efficiently it can be done.  We hope to continually seek out new waste streams and build on already strong partnerships. The eWaste and plastics recycling industries are always changing, laws are changing and the unsure relationships of global trade is changing.  But one thing that is not changing is our commitment to recycling safely, sustainably and efficiently.