Cleanlites is on track by the National Association for Information Destruction!

In recent years Cleanlites has expanded its services to include secure data destruction, IT Asset Management, and Document Shredding. All of these services pertain directly to the the secure handling of confidential or valuable data.

Cleanlites always wants to assure the highest quality of service and consumer confidence, and as such, we have begun the process of certifying our NAID membership.

What is NAID?

NAID is the National Association for Information Destruction. The NAID works as an industry representative for companies like Cleanlites that participate in the destruction of information. Getting NAID certified means passing a number of different audits that meet their industry standard for secure data destruction.

NAID Certified Logo

In recent years, NAID has grown to become a widely encompassing entity that oversees and promotes ethics of secure data and information disposal or recycling. Cleanlites decided to push forward in our standardization of these ethics in order to gain some recognition for the already comprehensive data destruction operations we practice.

Why Get NAID Certified?

Cleanlites already practices thorough information destruction techniques, why bother getting certified?

It’s true, at Cleanlites we pride ourselves on the quality of service and the thoroughness of our operations. But it is important to prove to our clients that we will take the extra steps toward accreditation and towards the best service.

Recycled Electronic Waste

NAID certification is an important aspect that many companies take into account when choosing who disposes of their data or recycles their IT Assets. Cleanlites wants to assure all of our clients or potential clients that we value the secure destruction of their data and information. We will keep you updated in the coming months as our certification continues. For our existing and already strict policy on information destruction, you can check our secure data destruction page.