Cure International reaches out for recycling solutions

Cure International is a world-wide health organization that operates hospitals throughout the developing world. Their primary initiative is the care of disabled and ailing children. Cure International works to train a medical staff in these areas in an effort to develop a stronger and independent medical infrastructure.

Cure International currently operates at 5% budget; meaning 95% of their profit is used for facility and program improvements. Cure’s saved costs is money that goes to helping people around the world.

Inability to pay for services is never a limiting factor for Cure International and their incredible work since ’98 has been able to assist over 2,000,000 patients, perform over 147,000 surgeries, and train 6,600 medical professionals.

Cleanlites was happy to accept their old light fixtures and recycle them properly. We are ecstatic to connect with Cure International and support an organization that is making the world a better, healthier place.

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