Among many sustainability commitments set to go in effect within the next 12 years, IKEA the mega-retailer, has announced they will cut single-use plastic from their shelves. This new initiative is set to be fully implemented by 2020. Not only will IKEA not allow it on their shelves, but also in customer and employee restaurants. When you think of how many stores IKEA will be rolling this out to worldwide, the immediate positive impact is abundantly obvious – An immeasurable amount of plastic will be diverted from landfills and oceans. Though, when you look deeper and think of IKEA as the worldwide leader they’ve solidified themselves as, you can’t help but think this move will help all mega-retailers and fast food operations grow in a more sustainable direction.. Well not all mega retailers and fast food operations, only those who take heed to this bold commitment and make it a priority in their company culture.
Another component of IKEA’s new environmental rule book is using ‘’circular principles’’ in design. This theme of a more circular economy is becoming more popular across all industries, environmentally-conscious companies like Subaru are even designing automobiles with this new circular economy mindset. These circular principles being applied to a manufacturing giant like IKEA, will surely have enormous positive impact over time. This new mindset will continue to spread worldwide across large companies like IKEA and Subaru, eventually becoming the standard our planet deserves and desperately needs.