America faces a very real issue with even more real implications; landfill waste. For years, we have depended heavily on the time tested practice of “ship it to China’’ and forget about it. As of 2018, America will no longer have a manufacturing giant eager and willing to accept its rubbish. This leaves the American homeland grossly vulnerable to waste contamination, on a scale the likes of which we’re yet to see. The need for added and improved recycling capability in the U.S. has always been present, and ignored. We have now reached a point where we simply cannot afford to continue ignoring our nation’s problem with waste management. 
Across the country, you have large scale municipal recycling programs being cut, resulting in far less waste being accepted for recycling, which creates more recyclable waste in our nation’s landfills. These changes should not sit well with you, we’re capable of recycling a number of the items being removed from the accepted materials list, like glass and various types of plastic, we are just no longer attempting to recycle these materials because China will no longer take them. When you hear about some of the engineering feats that have accomplished just in the past 2 years, let alone the past 10 years, it is very hard to imagine why our nation’s municipal recycling efforts are so ill-equipped. 
If America is no longer able to send its garbage across the pacific to China, we need to be proactive in establishing ample recycling capabilities stateside to adjust to increased amounts of waste staying on the homeland for processing. Never should any municipality in this country stop recycling materials like glass for recycling. You know something is gravely wrong when you see glass on the no longer accepted materials list. Stand up to your local governments and municipalities, demand more effort in waste management.
We will be reporting on this important issue again before the end of 2018, check back with us in a few months for a follow up.
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