Many of our readers and industry affiliates know that in the world of recycling, certifications are key. E-Stewards, R2 RIOS, and various other ISO Certifications are essential in demonstrating to potential customers and the general public that your operations are safe, sustainable, and responsible.

2TRG and Their Double-Sided Actions

It is important to understand and remember that, although these certifications are important and crucial in our industry, sometimes they are easy disguises for what really goes on. Just the other day it was reported that one of the largest recycling companies in the US, 2TRG allegedly abandoned multiple tons of CRT glass in their Cincinnati e-waste facility.

2TRG is a highly audited company with e-Stewards, R2 RIOS, and CAER certifications, yet their actions and conduct reflect differently. Initial estimates for the compliant and comprehensive cleanup of this mess range from $400,000 to $1 million.

So What Is Important, Certifications Aside?

In a world where sustainability and product life-cycles are of major concern, activities like this are of paramount concern. And this could be the tip of the iceberg for 2TRG. The truth is, audits and certifications can only go so far. What is more important is that leaders of the company are legitimately concerned about the environment and their sustainability. Customers and the public alike need to hold these companies accountable in situations such as this.

Cleanlites holds many of the same certifications as 2TRG, yet our commitment and sustainability remain a top priority outside of these audits. We encourage our clients and potential clients to ask questions, and trust us for themselves and be certain that we care about our environmental impact.