Solar energy production in the state of California has been thriving for a while now, but a they may have just outdone themselves last month. The most populated state in the United States, California, supplied 50% of it’s electricity demand on March 5th, 2018 with solar energy. Setting a record for solar powered energy production. Utility operators reported the following day, a second record in producing over 10k megawatts of energy, besting last year’s record by 5%. California is at an obvious natural advantage in both sunlight, and uninhabited land for solar farms, but you cannot deny their focus on being a leader in renewable energy. If you’ve ever visited rural California, you’re aware of their vast wind farms that also produce significant amounts of consumer and commercial power in the state.
California has so much solar energy, often times California is being forced to pay neighboring states to take the it’s excess solar energy in order to avoid overloading power lines. We’ve all heard our fair share strange news come out of California in recent months and years, but the idea that California is producing so much solar energy it is now costing them money is hard to fathom. Hopefully in the near future California is able to find a way to keep their solar energy for use in the state, as well as taxpayer funds.
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